Every single comment thread on the internet

The internet has a lot of comment threads, luckily they are all pretty much the same.. except Youtube comments which should only be used for those who know they are going to Hell, as preparatory material. I thought it might be useful to write a single comment thread to save you, my precious readers, the trouble of ever having to read internet comments again.

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Islam – the duck-billed platypus in a room full of otters: an otterly useful vocabulary guide

Do you read mainstream press? Are you confused about certain words that pop up in articles about Muslims? Are you looking to sound smart at Trump rallies? Have no fear! I am here to educate you about common scary sounding words that are associated with Islam. I will do so with overblown and nonsensical similes that tingle the senses, like an electric eel in an octopus costume with the tentacles of education providing the electroshock of enlightenment in every paragraph.

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The importance of being earnest

Recently a hate site decided to write a hit piece on me, which would be fine, if it didn’t involve doxing because honestly, the allegations they made were dumber than a really dumb brick from the dumb brick factory. Doxing, revealing someone’s private information, is a form of abuse and harassment. It isn’t “exposing” or “journalism” it is done for one reason only – to harass and intimidate… Er, two reasons, to harass, intimidate and to silence speech. Ok, let me start over, the purposes of doxing include harassment, intimidation, the silencing of speech and incitement to readers to commit acts of violence.

Doxing is never legitimate. It is cowardly. It is abusive. It is wrong. No matter what you think of a person’s opinions, fight them on substance, not through dirty tricks.. oh and when a person takes legitimate steps to stop the abuse, don’t whine about it like a whiny little spoiled brat.

So, dear doxers,  you all are little, little, little sad men who have nothing better to do with your lives than try to destroy the lives of others… that’s pathetic really. Even more pathetic that you think picking on women and children, Jewish ones especially, makes you feel like big important people, it doesn’t. It makes you the equivalent of a bunch of frustrated and emotionally-immature teenagers, except y’all are grown and that’s sad.

Anyway, I want to address the “substance” of what has been alleged against me because accuracy matters and stuff.

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A bloody blood libel

Blood libel is the hip new way to silence critics of Israel. I’m not sure about hip, more like self-serving, cynical, exploitative, manipulative, rather disgusting, and an insult to people who suffered persecution. Israeli Minister of the Palestinian Corruption and Repression Office, otherwise known as Mahmoud Abbas is the latest to be tarred with the label after he repeated false claims about a settler rabbi calling for wells to be poisoned that spread in the media  about a week ago. He’s since retracted and apologised to his imperialist overlords who still can’t resist but make a big show of their fauxrage. This given the current situation under the occupation, where Israel controls West Bank water supplies, sells Palestinians their own water at high cost and has cut supplies during the holy month of Ramadan. Given the history of Israeli occupation and settler activity in the West Bank(which includes murderous rabbis and poisonings), the idea that Abbas knew his statement was false isn’t very convincing and there is evidence that the story may have been deliberately planted in the media to deflect attention from the current water crisis.

So, kittens, let’s talk about blood libel.

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Update: Leanne Mohamad & the Trolls

Since yesterday, a number of developments have happened. Mostly good. The best one being that Leanne Mohamad’s speech has gone viral and is being shared all over the world.

The Speakers Trust has released a statement where they imply that Leanne Mohamad’s speech was not removed because of pressure from trolls but to protect her safety and because they cannot keep up moderating comments as a small charity. They affirm that she is still a regional winner and was never disqualified. They have also indicated that the videos of Leanne Mohamad will be restored.

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Leanne Mohamad, censored for hoping for freedom

Leanne Mohamad is a 15 year old Palestinian who lives in the UK. A student at Wanstead High School, she took top place in the Redbridge regional final for Jack Petchley’s Speak Out challenge. The Speak Out Challenge is an annual contest that is funded by the Jack Petchley Foundation and the purpose of it is:

We believe everybody should have the skills, confidence and desire to speak in public, and are dedicated to helping people of all ages and levels achieve this.

Leanne Mohamad did submit such a speech, titled “Birds Not Bombs“, and it won, with applause and without objection from her audience. That is, until the hasbara brigade found out about it, pressured the Speakers Trust, the organisation that runs the contest and the Speakers Trust decided that Leanne would be disqualified. Apparently the Speakers Trust believes that young people should develop the skills, confidence and desire to speak in public, unless you are Palestinian and deserve human rights just like any other human being.

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